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ȫ RE:RE:about PayPal mail address
Asuka 2017-10-22 会数 656  
dear cherrydoll

Thank you for your kind reply!
I paid it by PayPal.
please confirm it.

best regards.

Asuka as chinalnyamo

:: ::
Dear chinalnyamo !

I really appreciate your recent order from us.

If you place an order, we will send you an invoice including the shipping cost.
I'll send you an invoice for the amount minus your points.
Please check it and pay.

Our PayPal account is
scott 3004@hanmail.net.

If you have any question or any comments,

please feel free to contact us any time.

All the best,

:: a ::
Dear cherrydoll helpdesk.
This is ID:chinalnyamo.
today, I purchased your dress and tried to pay by PayPal.
however, it said the mail address is wrong.
isn't it "scott3004hanmail.net"?
Also can I use my point(2000 points) and pay it by Japanese yen? how much will it become?

please send me your reply!

best regards.



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