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ȫ RE:RE:RE:RE:I think you sent the wrong item to me
shao 2018-11-16 会数 290  
I will buy the bullet and do it.
Since I don't really need an extra dress, I will just assume you will make some pretty dress I like in the future :)

Best Regards.

:: ::
Dear shao !

Thanks for the answer.

Rather than paying for shipping to get your clothes back
I think you should buy a black dress at a discount.

All those black dresses used white lining.
But be careful of the stocking band.

When I send your order to ems, the cost is
$ 24.
The price of a black dress is $ 219.05.

If you order a black dress,
The cost of the costume is $ 200
I'll pay for the shipping.

I apologize for my mistake again.
I'll wait for your kind reply.

All the best,

:: shao ::
No worries, just making sure I didn't order the wrong dress.

I personally prefer to ship it back to you.
With USPS, it will cost roughly around 60USD?
(a small USPS flat rate box 6-10 days delivery).

Since I have already open the dress, and not sure how that measures to you.
(assume you already started working on the correct dress)
Alternatively, I can "order" the black dress I received with some sort of discount?
(still not a fan of the black, afraid it will stain the dolls)

Does that work out better for you?

Best Regards.

:: ::

Oh, my God! It is my mistake.

I will make it again and send it to you.
Can you return the wrong dress?

The problem is that shipping is expensive.
I am really sorry.

How can I do this?
I'll wait for an answer.

All the best,


:: shao ::
To follow up on my previous comments, I think you sent the
"Like a goddess-black" instead of the "Brilliant light-White & Black" that I ordered.
Would you mind confirming that for me?


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