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European Dress 78-Queenly grace-mint(sold out)
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**Item name :European Dress 55-Queenly grace-mint**

Mint color dress with flower mesh and Gold lace which gives elegant classic feeling.

It is most luxury and elegant style dress.

Long skirt made with gold lace, frill decoration and flower mesh which give elegant full flowering feeling.

Well fit corset and jacket has string ornament on the back.

Puff sleeves give classic style to the dress.

*Include : Corset, Jacket,
Longskirt,hair ornament,coker,Wristlet,Detachable shoulder straps. Panier.

** Size for: Volks SD13 Girl, Luts Delf Girl,
SD16- Girl(Volks), DD-M,DD-L,DD-DY.

* Some of the fabrics and auxiliary materials used
It may be replaced with other ones depending on the situation.

* All clothes are produced elaborately handmade,
and please understand that it takes about 2 ~ 3 weeks to produce clothes.



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