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Title RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Question about possible size
Name Gloria Date 2019-05-10 Hit 137  


That's wonderful!! I will choose a dress and buy it very soon. I will write you again.

Thank you

:: 관리자 ::

I have a L breast doll eid.

If you are a big breast doll size, you can make it.

All the best,


:: Gloria ::
Yes, I thought about it and I think this works.
You simply make EID woman clothes and that's fine!!
I have found some dresses I would like, especially the one attached as picture.

I added a second one I would like.

Could you make one of these for EID woman size?

:: Gloria ::
Oh no.... I already have three of your dresses and love them so much.
I have read that EID body is not so different from HID body.
Maybe there is a way?

May I attach measurements please:

HID Woman

* Height : 65 cm
* Weight : 1.95 kg
* Head mesurement : 21 cm (8-9 inch, M size wig)
* Neck mesurement : 11 cm
* Breast size : Large bust 32 cm / Medium bust 29.5 cm / Small bust 29 cm
* Shoulder width : 14.5 cm
* Arm length : 19.5 ~ 20 cm
* Arm mesurement : 8.5 ~ 9 cm
* Wrist mesurement : 5.5 cm
* Waist mesurement : 21 cm
* Hip mesurement : 30 cm
* Thigh mesurement : 18 cm
* Waist to toe length : 43.5 cm
* Ankle mesurement : 6.8 cm
* Foot length : 7.5 cm

I have found out that only the hip measurement makes a difference. So if I order a dress for EID woman it must fit. Only needs to be a bit tighter on the hip.
If you could make the outfit fit for EID woman?
Or add a possibility to tighten the hip of the skirt?

That would be so wonderful!!! Is that okay for you?
If you cannot make hip tighter, I will do it myself at home then.
But waist fits correctly, so that should be no problem.

Thank you again

:: 관리자 ::

I really appreciate your interest in our CheeryDoll,

I do not have the H I D doll of Iplehouse.

Without the body (doll), we can not make the dress.

I hope you understand me ^^

All the best,


:: Gloria ::
I am expecting my first Iplehouse doll, a H.I.D. size Carina. She is 65cm tall, I have measurements for her.
Can you make Dresses for her?
There are some Dresses I would consider for her, so please tell me if you can make custom size for her.

Thank you very much.



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